Monday, January 18, 2010


Hello Everyone!

I know it has been so long since I have updated this blog, but i am here to write to you again. This next coming week is CHA which i have begged to go to for years but now that its in LA and i'm living here well i get to go!! I am so excited! CHA is a buying show that goes on during the week and you go to different booths and look at the different things to put in the store. Theres also classes for store owners/employees to hopefully teach to their classes. I'm looking forward to it and will keep you guys updated for sure!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Here comes the Bride

Hello, sorry I haven't been updating I've been super busy. But now I am on spring break now so i think that now this will be updated more often. If you havent been to the store lately you might wanna go check it out cause a few things have been moved. if you look where all the cafe stuff used to be there is now a wall full of wedding things so come check it out!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

mamma mia!

Yum yum in my tum! we had an AMAZING dinner. We had the two choices of pasta they both were delicious cause I know everyone enjoyed them. We also had classes and enjoyed a nice lunch now were in the confrence room doing some make and takes but I'm gonna run i'll update you tomorrow with the product of the week =] see ya.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Stampin out the blues

Ok first I'm apologizing for my absent of not updating my blog in a week. Then I would like to say this weekend is our retreat which is the 5th annual. We started out our day working to get everything ready and started check in from 4-6 which was at the claridge where we stay the weekend at. Afterwards we went to the store to do make and takes and enjoy our dinner which we had in martini glass. We did a mashed potato and chilli bar. It was lots of fun enjoying some treats and make and takes and even doing some SHOPPING =] now were going to have a pj party doing some make and takes some chatting. But I better run there probably wondering where i am I just wanted to let you guys know where I am. So look tomorrow for some updates. Have a great night I know I will =]

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Everything went well

Thanks everyone for your prayers and thoughts cause everything went ok with Brittanys surgery. They got 90% of the tumor out and shes walking and talking. Texting too. Well on that good note I thought I'd bring up some good news of the sales going on tomorrow. The valentine paper and all accessories are 50% off come on what a great deal. Also dont forget about the baby wall that is also 50% off. So you got two great sales that are going on you definitely have to make it into the store for that. But if not to come in for that theres many new things to check out. All those new paper lines mom & grandma ordered I think they all came into the store on Friday so Saturday we had a spring cleaning. So please please come check out these new lines they are absolutly great. So come on in and hope to see you soon. Also don't forget about the cedar creek show on saturday.Hope to see you there. =]

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Rough day

Hey everyone, Todays the day my best friend is having a surgeon cut open into her head and take her tumor out the surgery is going to last 5-6 hours of which I'll be keeping my fingers crossed. But I am sure that she'll be ok she's been through a lot and is a very tough girl please keep her in your prayers and her family and friends to its a tough thing to go through.
But on that note i wanted to remind our everyone especially the ones that live in the Wausua area there is a convention in the cedar creek mall next Saturday so mark your calenders and I hope to see you all there! Thank you and hope to see you very soon.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Don't worry I'm still alive

Don't worry I'm still alive. Sorry I haven't been on lately life has been super busy. For you that read moms blog you know this Thursday my best friend Brittany had a seizure during 1st hour then got rushed to the hospital and they found a brain tumor. So please keep her in your prayers she will be having brain surgery Wednesday. But on other notes mom came back to california all safe and sound except her plane was two hours long which i was not happy about. O and those of you that voted on the poll thanks. But I only got 4 people which I was depressed about I would like everyone who reads my blog to pick but if only 4 people read my blog I'm pretty bummed right now I put tons of time in this. But on that note its time for the product of the week. This week I picked the rocking trimmer. Your probably reading that right now wondering what that is. Its a trimmer that you can plug your ipod or mp3 player into how cool huh? Its very cool. Theres a speaker built right into it. Its a good thing to have yourself and for a gift! So come on into the store and check it out. Hope to see you soon!